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ECS solutions: The reality is that no two companies' Telecom networks & services are alike; therefore, we take the time to listen to your challenges, needs, and objectives. We will work closely with you to create a set of flexible services applicable to your unique business environment using our best-in-class practices & expertise. ECS solutions fall under three categories spanning from outsourcing the entire TEM process, to enhancing your existing TEM processes already put in place, to providing you with the products & tools to automate & help you gain control of all your Telecom expenses:

ECS provides exceptional outsourced TEM solutions designed to not only contain your Telecom expenses, but to relieve your internal IT, A/P, & HR staff from this administrative burden & the associated costs, in addition to avoiding the initial investment in both hardware & software required for an in-house TEM process. ECS's outsourced TEM solutions yield a complete & ongoing cost containment life-cycle shedding light on every aspect of your Telecom billing issues, and discovering cost saving opportunities. Being vendor-independent, ECS guarantees your maximum return on investment!

We have developed our outsourced TEM solutions within the framework of one of three core sets of services (Essential, Advanced, and Comprehensive) with unmatched flexibility and focus on constant monitoring of your Telecom expenses and ensuring their alignment with your own defined business goals. Thus, our service offerings are the most proactive, and most effective cost containment methods accomplishing both short & long term benefits for your enterprise.

Essential Services provide for instant & detailed visibility into your Telecom spend regardless of service category (Data, Voice, or Wireless). Services include Inventory, Contracts Management, Invoice Processing, Billing Review, and Reporting.
Advanced Services are a mix of all essential services with one or more professional services such as Bill Auditing, Provisioning/Order Management, and Contracts Management.
Comprehensive Services are the most complete and cost-effective for organizations who decide on outsourcing their entire Telecom Expense Management & procurement life-cycle relieving their internal staff from this onerous process, while they focus on their core business. The services provided here emulate all phases of your Telecom procurement & financial analysis & include: Contracts Management, Provisioning/Order Management, Inventory Management, SLA Tracking, Payment Approval, Auditing, Billing, Analysis, Inquiry, and ERP Integration for all your Telecom services.

We strive to be the leader in Telecom expense management solutions!

Our unmatched professional services coupled with one of our core set of services & expertise will make an end to your TEM challenging issues such as Billing Audit, Contracts Management, Provisioning/Order Management, Wireless Services Cost Management:

Billing Audit: ECS provides this service as an ongoing and part of the bill paying process to ensure maximum return on investment. The importance of this service stems from the deplorable error rate discovery found in most Telecom bills. At ECS, we will proactively and incessantly review your bills for errors and overcharges, and will secure refunds/credits for your lost profit. ECS is not affiliated with any vendor or carrier; and as such, we are compelled to maximize your bottom line.

Contracts Management: By capturing all pertinent details to your carrier agreements in one central enterprise repository, ECS Contracts Management Services will enable you with instant visibility to your contracts terms, conditions, & expiration dates related to billings & charges for all service categories provided to you by your carriers: data, voice, & wireless. This visibility provides the foundation for real cost savings in future negotiations, contracts optimization, and prevention of auto-renewals for futile agreements. We will present you with reports such as monthly & cumulative commitment spend history vs. required commitment levels, monthly spend, spend to date, and total commitment & monthly spend for the remainder of the contracts.

Provisioning/Order Management: Not only would we offload your IT/Telecom staff from this time consuming process including placing, terminating, and modifying all orders, but we would gather and track specific configuration information and optimization for all telecom services (Voice, Data, Wireless, VoIP, Calling Cards, and Conferencing) for your Telecom and Network Engineering. On behalf of your company, we would interact with your Telecom carriers' customer service and billing organizations throughout the order and provisioning lifecycle.

Wireless Services Cost Management: Are your wireless services costs getting out of control? You are not alone! With the fast growing wireless service offerings, the almost endless rate plans, the lack of a usage policy implementation, as well as the decentralized procurement process, many enterprises struggle to contain the expenses of their wireless services. ECS can carry out the complete wireless cost management process for you implementing industry best practices including rate optimization and wireless usage policies.

ECS offers consultative assistance in acquiring & implementing integrated enterprise software products & tools available for clients who prefer an internal TEM solution, either as a client-premise implementation or as an ASP environment. We have partnered with leading TEM software providers to bring you a complete set of innovative functions that would enable effective management & containment of all your Telecom expenses. If you are looking for a TEM Software or Service, ECS will help you answer the following key questions:

Do I need a TEM Solution at all or is my current process adequate?
If yes, should I buy Software or outsource?
What about Wireless? Do I need another vendor to manage that spend?
Who in the TEM space should I look at?
What questions should I ask?
What is a "good deal"? How are TEM solutions priced?
What things must be in a contract?


Today's TEM software is designed as an Enterprise wide system with built in operational, financial and analytical engines including the following modules:

Contract Management Payment Approval
Provisioning/Order Analysis
Inventory Management ERP integration
Auditing Organization
Invoice Processing Reporting

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