If you share our vision and principles in regards to bringing value to our clients, please feel free to contact us to discuss how your business partnership with ECS will benefit our clients!

E-mail us: partners@expensecontrol.net

A key building block in a successful TEM solution after defining processes & workflows is linking them for analyzing, auditing, and reporting. This is what is known as the automation process which supports the human knowledge capital of all involved parties. Our TEM software partners have managed to implement this automation in modular components including all phases of the TEM life cycle and allowing complete & ongoing cost reduction & control

We are proud to be very selective when choosing partners. Our alliance principles are founded on adding value to enhance our services for our clients. Unlike other companies, we absolutely avoid entering into any type of partnership with Telecom services carriers/vendors. We gain our clients' trust as we invest all our efforts into maximizing their cost saving opportunities and controlling their Telecom services spend!

Stay tuned! Our partnership with our main TEM software provider is about to be published on our Announcements section on the home page...

We are very excited to have our wireless cost management solutions very flexible thanks to our partnership with, MobilSense, a leading provider of Automated Wireless Cost Management Solutions. Our solutions range from immediate cost savings through rate plan optimization to constant monitoring and implementation of usage policy as well as managing wireless assets.














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